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Devils Brew - Extreme Caffeine (1KG Bean) Extremely Strong Coffee

Devils Brew - Extreme Caffeine (1KG Bean) Extremely Strong Coffee


Ethically Sourced, 100% Premium Robusta - Whole Coffee Beans




Devils Brew, Extreme Caffeine, Extremely Strong Coffee Is Created Using The Finest And Strongest Combination Of Coffee Beans Sourced Direct From The Coffee Bean Belt. Our Premium Coffee Beans Are Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade, RFA And Direct Trade To Help Provide & Ensure Farms Enjoy A Better And Sustainable Future. Our Coffee Is Roasted To Maximum Caffeine Levels And Is One Of The Strongest Coffees On The Planet.

  • Product Description

    😈 EXTREME CAFFEINE: - Extremely Strong Bold Coffee - Highly Caffeinated - 1KG Roasted Coffee Beans - Premium 100% Robusta
    😈 SUSTAINABLY SOURCED COFFEE: from the Coffee Bean Belt
    😈 SUPER STRONG COFFEE: with a thick body and notes of very dark cocoa, dark roasted nut.
    😈 GREAT: for Espresso and cuts through milk superbly well for latte and cappuccino's.
    😈 STRENGTH: 6/6 Very Strong